Established in 1938 by the original Mr John Coughtrie, the Coughtrie brand is synonymous with well-engineered, sustainable products designed to withstand the test of time, technology and the most arduous of environments. Awarded the King’s Roll in 1941 for employing disabled ex-servicemen, Coughtrie still operates from the same factory in Hillington, Glasgow, as it has done for over 80 years.

Since 2009, Coughtrie International has been part of the M2H Group of Companies and has undergone a transformation of its business whilst retaining the core identity of an established organisation. Today, it remains a reassuring presence providing reliability and functionality with a modern twist and a customer service focus to an established customer base.

Our Passion

With all products designed, manufactured and supported by our Glasgow facility, Coughtrie proudly boasts a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who make it their mission to come together to supply you with the optimal solution for your applications. Whether this is a complimentary lighting scheme, emergency solution or a retrofit kit, time and care is dedicated to ensure that you are not just given another ‘off the shelf’ product, instead choosing to ask those questions leading to a successful and compliant, customised solution that is right first time. Things do not stop here – as and when things go wrong – we ensure we are available to help find a solution.

Our Experience

Team members with almost 40 years’ service have seen every generation of technology from fluorescent to LED lamps and boards. Working alongside the younger influx and by blending the old and new, these trusted hands will take the very same bases into the era of the Internet of Things.

Our Partners

We only work with trusted partners who portray the same passion for customer service that we are renowned for. After all, why would we sacrifice our reputation for the sake of a few pennies?

Our Carbon Footprint

With over 90% of components coming from within a 25 miles’ radius ensures that we have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry and one of the fastest order to despatch timeframes.

Newspaper clipping from 1940’s